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Variables play a role in setting numerous values from defining an actor, to sending or receiving information to or from an external application. Variables can also be used to increment numbers or to set default values.



To create a variable:

- Name : Set the name of the Variable, spaces and special characters are allowed
- Contains calculations : mark this box if you want to run calculations in the Definition box
- Definition : Use fixed text or Dynamic Mapping to fill this Variable.

Click on ADD to add the variable. Save the process first, then this Variable will get its own unique ID. It is 0 before saving the process.

Once saved, the Variables can be edited again:


alert You can also edit the contents of a Variable in the process, using the step type 'Set Variable value'

For example, if an actor can come from multiple fields in a form or forms, the user overview page can be messy showing 3 or more actors when only one is used. The variable eliminates this issue by setting the actor as a variable. In the variable settings, all fields from where the actor can come are defined, that way, whichever field in the form contains a value will define the value for the variable.