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Vendors are used to identify the different Items in My Items. By combining a Vendor and a Service, Item Types are defined. Each Item belongs to 1 single Item Type.

The Vendors admin page can be accessed by selecting the Vendors section in the My Items Admin Panel:


The Vendors List page shows a list of all current Vendors.


The Vendors admin page contains the following information and controls:

Vendors List

Name : The name of the Vendor
Active: Is this Vendor used or not within SSP. If set to not Active No, the Items belonging to the Vendor are not shown to the Users.


clip0096: Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new Vendor.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Vendor.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Vendor . alert_1818 Deleting the Vendor will only succeed if all Items, belonging to the selected Vendor, are removed.
clip0022:  Disregards any changes and returns you to the main screen of My Items.