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View field details

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On the view field details form, it can be configured how fields are displayed within the view.


Show on dashboard : Defines if the field is displayed in the dashboard view or not.

Field Type : Defines what kind of field is displayed. Most fields will be displayed as Text. To format dates correctly, select Timestamp for dates. The Key Field is used to identify if a field is to be used as the primary key of a view item.

Source Column : This contains an alias returned by the database query or the name of a SSP field in case of a Ticket Type view. *

Width : The number of pixels this column should be wide

Default Sort : Identifies if the field should be used for sorting and in which order that sort should be done. In case multiple sorts are defined on various fields, the field displayed most to the left is used as first order.

Translations : Defines the header displayed above a view column in all available languages.


* Source Column: The following sources can go into this field. Please note: this is case sensitive.