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Wait Step : SD45 Connector

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This section is only available when the messages function in General Settings is set to Update SD entity.


Within the SD45 Connector section one can configure what should happen when the user has submitted a message while the Wait step is active. The available actions are similar to the SD45 process step.


 alert Please note that if you want to update a SD45 entity that this entity is created in a step prior to the wait step

Method: Select the action to be performed by the adapter. Choose apply before you continue.

- Create Change : With this method new Changes can be created.

- Create ServiceCall : With this method new Service Call can be created.

- Create Workorder : With this method new Work Order can be created.

- Update Change : With this method new Changes can be updated.

- Update ServiceCall : With this method  new Service Call can be updated.

- Update Workorder : With this method new Work Order  can be updated.

Linked Step: Choose a previous process step to link the new item to.
Related:  This option is not used for HP Service Desk
Related Items to show: When this is selected, related items to the updated or created item in this step will be shown on the Process Step detail form.
Available Fields : This shows a list of the fields that can be mapped to SD45. Select all the fields that need to get a value and then select add. To read more about changing the fields, please read the Chapter "In Depths".
Current Fields : This shows a list of fields currently mapped. When opening a new mapping this list will be empty. Fields included in this list, will be written to SD45. The value that should be written, can be defined per field. Please click the edit button behind the field name to change the value. Use the delete button to remove a field from the mapping.

- Edit Field : After clicking the edit button, the mapped value is displayed. The value can consist out of free text, form values and process values. In the example below the value #REPLACE-FORMFIELD-ShortDescription# is mapped to the Interaction Topic field. This means that the Form that triggers this process, should have a field with Internal Label ShortDescription defined.

 - To simplify the definition of the value to map into SD45, please make use of the Drop Down boxes beneath the value definition.

1. Current Step : this lists the possible values from this step. When selected, click on add to enter this variable into the text.

 You will see #REPLACE-STEP-LINK-click here#. The signs # indicate that a dynamic parameter is added. You can freely cut & paste this on another position. The following dynamic parameters are available:

 'Link to Step' will fill in a direct link towards this ticket into SSP 7.

 Actor's User Data, which is a list of all the define User fields for the current actor of this step. In case multiple actors are defined, the value for each actor separated by comma or displayed.

2. Form field : the selection list shows all current forms in SSP 7. When a form is selected, the second list will refresh and show all fields of that form. Select any field and click on add .

 alert Please note that you will see the internal label that was defined with the field in the mapping. If you are using multiple forms with 1 process, make sure that these forms have similar internal labels to make the mapping of the value into this text work.

 alert Please note that for datastore parameters the fields indicated as "Value Fields to send to workflow" are displayed beneath the Field. If you want to use additional fields, please go to the form definition and select more fields to send to the workflow.

3. Previously Entered Field : this lists all fields that are entered in other steps within the same process. When selected, click on add to enter this variable into the text.

 The following information is available:

 For action steps, all form fields are available to use as variable

 For adapter steps, all values related to the item created in that step are available. These fields are displayed in the third drop down list.

 For approval steps, all approval votes and comments are available

 alert Please ensure that you only use fields from previous steps. If you select a value from a following step, this will result in an empty value.

4. Process : this lists some general fields of the current process. When selected, click on add to enter this variable into the text.

 The following information is available:

         All User Data of the requestor is available

         All User Data of the requested for person is available

         The SSP ticket number is available

         The Process Log is available

         The summary of all form fields that triggered the process.

5. External Apps : this lists all information available in the process from an external application that triggered the process. When selected, click on add to enter this variable into the text.


alert Please note that the fields available for mapping depend on the fields defined in the SD45 web services. Please read the in-depth topic for more information about adding fields.

Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.