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Web store

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To get the job done, employees require quite a few items ranging from office supplies to laptops, to mobile devices. Employees see and order all the items they need without the involvement from IT personnel or office administrators. They simply access a selection of items, all tailored to their role, business unit and geographical location. The web store makes accessories available where needed and does price calculations.

Shops can be set up following different criteria or logic, one being type of services required. The below example is a hardware shop. Within a shop, various options, called order types can be setup, like the example below shows.



Once an order type is selected, the required product can be selected. At check-out, users will be asked to provide justifications for the order or reasons for ordering non-standard products.






Flexibility is central to the SSP7 Web Store. Administrators can set up any number of stores without having developer skills. Stores may feature a range of products – laptops, printers, office supplies, training, mobile devices – you name it.

One size does not fit all and that certainly applies to corporate shops. A product’s price may need adjustment based on country, for example. Employees in certain business units should only see specific items. Some products should have different configuration options based on an employee’s profile. And you may want to present product descriptions in different languages.


The SSP7 Web Store provides maximum flexibility to address the needs of employees across the organization. Like all of SSP7, the Web Store is entirely multi-lingual and fully configurable to meet any structure or requirement. It’s the solution that fully enables independent ordering by employees along with easy fulfillment and administration.