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WebStore Settings

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WebStore Settings groups settings for all shops.

From the Administration page, click on Topics to access Shop settings.


Then select WebStore Settings.


The following options are available:

General Settings : overall settings, for all shops
Left Menu : contents of the left menu of the shopping homepage (as presented to the users)
Useful Links : contents of the useful links on the shopping homepage (as presented to the users)


Show "Shops" link in navigation : check this box the show 'Shops' in the top navigation for all users
User Country custom field : Select the field from the User's fields that indicates the country
Country Datastore parameter : select the DataStore parameter that lists all countries. Note: this Parameter requires a Field that indicates the currency of the country.
Currency field : select the field from the Country DataStore parameter ( as selected above ) that indicates the local currency.


Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the main screen of WebStore
OK : Saves any changes and returns you to the overview screen of WebStore
Save : Saves any changes but remains on the current page.