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Performance improvements

This part of the application also gained a significant performance improvement. Both administration as end-user parts. We were able to lower the number of queries to load a ticket and a process to a minimum. There is not as much code changed as with the form builder, however we also encourage to do some more testing than usual.


Webservice API

Added a REST version for some API methods.


Small changes

-Added option to show or hide the possibility to filter on variables in the search tickets screen
-When exporting search results and there is no (default) reporting template specified then the search results columns are being used as columns (as much as possible)
-You can now use calculations when you set a variable via a ‘Set Variable’ step.


-When using subprocesses there could be a problem using REPLACE values
-When importing a process, the follow up process was not linked correctly
-Mobile version: people with no write rights for the active step were able to see the input fields (however they were not able to submit the step nor see the draft entered values)
-There was a problem when using Out of Office