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Export process network error

Sometimes when exporting a process, some browser gave a network error that the export file could not be downloaded. Exporting processes from now on will work on all supported browsers.


Two fixes for this have been applied: The content length has been added to the stream and the stream is now forcibly closed so all browsers can handle it.

Match responsible group

When the group did not exist in the system, the process generated an error. This has now been resolved and a message is displayed informing the administrator that the group could not be resolved.

Search Tickets

The default search ticket screen has been extended to search for user and requestor. This can be configured in the settings screen and is not turned on by default.



New field in mapping available

A new content anchor is available that contains all form data, but for uploaded files only the filenames or displayed. (#REPLACE-STEP-PROCESS-All formfields-Only filenames for uploads#).

It can be selected using the usual content dropdown logic.



External providers

It is now possible using an internal web service of SSP to set process variables. This is a very powerful feature as this allows you to control the workflow while it is running by manipulating variables and ticket fields (form an external system).



The url of the webservice is: /Workflow/WebService/WorkflowService.asmx, the method “ProcessInstanceUpdateVariable” has been added with these parameters:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap="">


   <ProcessInstanceUpdateVariable xmlns="">










ProcessInstanceId: ID of the ticket you want to add values too.
VariableName: name of the variable you want to update, if a variable with this name does not exist, it will be created
VariableValue: the (new) value of the variable
ProviderName: The name of the external provider. A new page is in place to manage those providers:: /Common/Admin/ExternalProviderOverview.aspx



oFor each provider these settings are necessary:
Name: the name of the provider, to be used in the webservice (ProviderName)
Security type: sha1 hash, sha256 hash or fixed token, technical info: in .NET:
SHA1: System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile(tohash,"SHA1")
SHA256Managed hashmanager = new SHA256Managed();

byte[] hash = hashmanager.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(tohash));

Security key: with a hash, you add this after the values, with a fixed token this is the security check. This last option is what you will need to use I think unless SM9 allows more complex features.


SecurityCheck: when you select provider with fixed token, you need to enter this value here. If you would prefer more security and use SHA1 or SHA256 is, you need to calculate it like this::
o"ProcessInstanceUpdateVariable|<ProcessInstanceId>|<VariableName>|<VariableValue>|<securitykey>", so for example "ProcessInstanceUpdateVariable|1702|My Variable|The new value|My Security key"

Several small bugfixes

-Colors for process print are aligned with the admin of SSP.
-Multiple managers per group are allowed.
-Empty language records are no longer stored in the database.
-Multiple actors from previously entered field fix.
-Automatic ended steps are no longer considered as closed actions.