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Ticketing messages available for mapping

New mapping fields have been made available. They can be used for example in email templates:

The new mapping fields are

-Process -> public messages
-Process -> private notes
-Process -> ticket changes
-Process -> all action logs

Request additional information in workflow

Allow users to request additional information from a specific person. You can now configure which attributes are allowed in the admin/general section area (Common/Admin/settings.aspx)

Archive of the request and related attachments

This allows to send an overview of all new tickets in Excel format to a selected user (or users), or to save the file on a defined location.

But this only creates the Excel sheet. Additional requirements have been implemented:

-Allow to perform a ‘complete export’ of tickets into a ZIP file.
-This ZIP file is the same as when users perform a ‘full export’ of tickets on the page ‘search tickets’, thus containing:
oExcel sheet with overview of exported tickets
oSubfolder per ticket, holding a PDF print of the ticket overview and any uploaded files
oDue to the size of this file, we would only provide the user to specify a location where the ZIP file needs to be placed.
oThe File (ZIP) should have a unique name in order to not overwrite a previous version
oOnce the file is created, an email should be sent to the designated user(s).
-The new version allows to set a start date of the ticket as an additional filter.
-Rule has been extended to ‘tickets that are closed between <date1> & <date2>’

Delegate & remove responsibilities

When a user delegates his task he will get the option to be removed as actor.

-Currently, he remains an actor, and can still work on the ticket
-The issue is that these tickets, although delegated, are still in the Views that show 'Open Actions' for the logged in user


This is implemented on the 'Delegates' tab under 'My Profile':


New field 'Actor Option' - type: radio button


-I still want to be the Actor for these tickets (I will see them in my Open Actions)
-I do not want to remain an Actor for these tickets

Email Link

There is an additional option available in an email to link directly to the edit of a form:


When this link is used, the user will be redirected to the form that was used to create the ticket, with of course the values filled in upon that creation. This fix avoids the double click, when users get the default link, that guides them to the workflow page, with their step open. They still had to click on ‘Edit Form’ to open the original request form.

Change search from exact match to like

Searching in custom person fields on the default search page are no longer an exact match but a like-based query.

Support of variables in standard search

The standard search option (not advanced search) is extended with the option to search within variables. You can define up to 5 variables on your search screen to search in. Variables are defined on their name, not number. Which means you need to include such a variable in every process that should support the search.

NCALC is not used in variable search, only plain text. Values set within a process in variables can be searched for.

Per language you can define what the label on the search form will be like. Searching is done as a "like".


Several small enhancements and bugfixes

-Submit process step when action go-to is used: When defining the action step action "Go To", the option now exists to submit the current step, similar to how it is available for Change form.
-Escalation emails were not sent when all group members had opted out.
-Fix updatescript so reload every 0 minutes isn't possible
-Fixed bug with user rights related to a step action.
-Fix delegates circular reference
-Adding a manual field to overview layout automatically saves it
-When adding a message in the workflow ticket page, after pressing reload or F5, the message is no longer saved a second time.
-Import / duplicate process: fix replacements where using REPLACEJSON, REPLACEXML, ...
-Processes with %value are correctly imported.