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Workflow Settings

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Workflow settings will configure the general behaviour of workflows.

1. Allow use of custom key for ticket: With this option enabled, SSP allows you to modify the SSP ticket number into a ticket number from an external system. Instead of the SSP ticket number, users can search for these external ticketing system numbers. With this option enabled, you will see the step type "Set Custom Ticket nr" in your workflow builder.

2. Max tickets to export in Search Tickets

When searching tickets in SSP, the search results can be exported to an excel file. This option will limit the number of tickets to export. This setting affects performance, therefore this number should be kept low.

3. Fix email and person cache seconds

Sets a fixed amount of seconds to keep email and person data in cache

4. Do permission check on ticket documents?

This option will check a user's permissions before opening the document.

5. Use granular ticket access

This option allows to set ticket permissions based on certain user attributes. These attributes are linked with user groups. When this option is set up, users in a group, will have access to tickets that meet the criteria set up granular ticket access

6. Ticket access through person attribute.

When this option is set up, users will have access to tickets that have the same attributes as the user.

7. Hide - ticket id, ticket name, ticket information, request fields options.

When any of these options are set to "yes", this information will not be shown in the ticket.


8. Message position on ticket detail

It is possible to submit messages for an open ticket. This option defines the location of the message section.

 8. a

 Messages allowed send to types - there are two options; message can be sent to either the current actor or to specific actors.

 8. b

 Messages allowed visible for types - this can be All actors, All approvers, or Specific actors

9. Document position on ticket detail

It is possible to show documents linked to the process on the workflow overview page. This option allows you to define where these documents are shown.

10. Show "complete export in search tickets" -

When this option is selected, under search tickets a full export of the selected tickets will be exported. The zipped file will contain an excel file with all tickets in the search results, as well as a pdf of each ticket with complete details of each step, actions, dates and ticket log. When attachments are present, these are also included in the export.

11. In Search Tickets allow search for

This option will set what users can search in SSP. The options are

 Forms and tickets
 Forms only
 Tickets only

12. Default search for non-admin

This option sets the default search settings. This can be changed by the user for each search session.

Options are Forms or Tickets

13. If default search is forms, default type

When forms is selected as default search settings, this option will set what in the form is searched.

Options are "Form Title", "Form Title and Description", "Form Title, Description and Content"

14. Default display step columns

Configures which fields are displayed for a workflow step.

15. Show 'User' and 'Requestor' filters in Search Tickets (simple)

Allows you to user person attributes to search for tickets

16. Show 'Variables' filter in Search Tickets

This allows you to search for variable values while searching for tickets. Please note that users should know the variable name on which to search.

17.  Hide "advanced search options" in Search Tickets

This option will provide additional options for search. Basic search shows form/process name, to and from dates and ticket number search. Advanced Search shows the form fields and process fields that can be used to filter on tickets, as well as user attribute fields, such as ID, name, country/location, etc.

18. Use form fields cache in advanced search

Improved search performance in advanced search by caching form fields. You need to reload the page in case new fields are added.

19. Use process fields cache in advanced search

Improved search performance in advanced search by caching Process fields. You need to reload the page in case new fields are added.

20. Show process list in search tickets

This option allows you to show a list with processes in the search screen.

21. Save viewstate in database for edit process page

By saving the viewstate in the database, performance on loading the workflow pages improves.

22. Hide actor name when it's not a person/group

Only when the actor is a person or group, the name of the actor is displayed.