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Access Rights Overview

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The goal is to see all rights a user has. The page is added to admin > Edit person. A new tab is added, after ‘Roles’. This will display all the access rights this user has, based on his Roles, Granular ticket access




The listing is to be organized as follows:


Forms & Shops


Form Name – Form ID –Category – Topic - Type of access right – Source

Category: the SSP Category to which the Topic belongs

Topic: the Topic in which the form is created

Type of access right: if the user has no access, the form should not be listed in this overview

Source: this is the name of the Role or GTA set from which the user acquired this access

Possibly add if the user has the role directly or via a Group



Process Name – ID – Type of access right – source

Datastore Parameters


Parameter Name – ID – source



View Name – source



AutoForm Name – type of access – source

Person Groups


Group Name – Source

Administration pages

AdminPage Name – source

Navigation Items

Item name - source



All results are also exportable to excel.