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Person Settings

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A new SSP 7 user is added through the Manage Users page via a link in the Person & Accounts section of the Admin Panel.  To add a new person click on the clip0018 button.

Complete the following sections to add a new person in SSP 7.

Person Settings
Account Settings
Out of Office
Access rights overview

To edit a user, search for the user and click on the user to open the user settings.

Person Settings

For new users, enter the First Name, Last Name and Email address.  Click on the clip0020button to save the new user record.  It is required that you save the user before proceeding to the next step. If the new user does not want to receive emails, the "Blacklisted" box needs to be checked. An alternative user can be selected instead to receive emails intended for the "blacklisted" user.


Use the clip0020button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the clip0022button to discard any changes.