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SQL Server

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1.A SQL Server database should be created, named for example SMTXSSP7. In case you want to restore the provided backup of an empty database, follow the database restore instructions provided with MS SQL Server.

In case no backup is restored, complete the installation with the following steps:

2.After the database is created, run the SQL scripts:
o“SSP7-Db-<revision>-structure.sql”: Script that will generate the complete database structure
o“SSP7-Db-<revision>-data.sql”: Script that will generate the minimum data to start working with SSP7
3.The SQL scripts will create all the necessary tables, views, stored procedures, and startup data necessary for SMT-X. They will not create the databases themselves, those have to be created manually (inclusive a user with sufficient rights to create tables, views, ...)
4.Now complete the steps for a database upgrade to get the database onto the latest version structure.

 - in this case a file in the dbscript folder of the version you want to install is available for download to update to that particular version.