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Disabling an user account

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You can disable any user account through the Admin panel.  You must be logged on as an administrator to have the appropriate rights to disable accounts.  Accounts that are no longer valid should be disabled as a standard security measure.  For more information please see the User Access Control for detailed information on managing user accounts.

To disable an user account

1.In the Admin panel Click on "Manage Persons" in the Person & Accounts option.
2.Find the user to be disabled in Search User option and in the Action column of the user, select the "Edit" edit button.



3.Select the "Roles" tab.
4.In the Access column, uncheck any checked roles to remove all access to SSP 7.



5.Click clip0020or OK. clip0020will save your changes, but will remain on this screen. OKwill save your changes and return to User List. Use the clip0022button to discard any changes.