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Granular Ticket Access

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Granular Ticket Access allows the Administrator to distribute detailed access rights on tickets. Without granular access, it is only possible to distribute rights for all tickets of a process, in read/write, for open/closed tickets. With this option, it is possible to go a level deeper. If you want to allow a group of persons only access rights to tickets, where value x was filled in the form, you will need Granular Ticket Access. There are more options for detailed filtering, they are described below. Please note that rights are not distributed to individual people, but instead to Groups.
When a User gets access to tickets using Granular Tickets Access, it is shown to him on the Views on the Dashboard, and also when he searches for tickets, using 'Search Tickets' from the top menu.

Groups can be managed under Persons & Accounts > Manage Groups. First you will need to create the Groups and then assign detailed rights using Granular Access.

To edit Granular Ticket Access, open the section under General Settings of a Process:


The overview will show all current Fieldsets, against which the tickets are filtered.



clip0153 : Use this button to create a new Fieldset.

The table gives the following overview:

Name : Name of the Fieldset.
Nr of Groups : Amount of Groups that are assigned with access rights.
Nr of field definitions : How many fields are used to differentiate rights.
Form Name or Process Step : The name of the source.
Action : Use delete to delete this Fieldset, or edit to edit.