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Managing Groups

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Groups allow to form a set of individual users. These Groups can be used as Actors in a Process Step, and are also used to distribute Granular Ticket Access.

Each Group contains members, and a Group Manager. The Group manager does not get the same rights as the Members, but has the right to edit a Group (adding & removing Users).
Any Manager of a Group can access his Groups under My Profile > My Groups.

Groups are managed in the Manage Groups section of Person & Accounts.  All Groups in SSP 7 can be viewed, added or deleted in this module.

 alert When a new Group is created, the Administration rights need to be set as well, this is done under Roles > Access Rights.


The table gives an overview of all current Groups, Description, the Manager and the number of Members. It also gives the status and offers Edit & Delete Actions.

Click on clip0165to Create a new Group, or edit editto change an existing Group.

Use the clip0379 button to export all members of all the groups into an Excel sheet.

Use delete delete to delete a Group.