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Managing Processes

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When editing Processes, please take these best practices into account:

Define your Process outside of SSP 7, by using a whiteboard, Microsoft Visio, or any other means. We encourage this approach, as we have learnt that the most difficult task when setting up Processes, resides in actually defining them. Once a Process is defined, you can enter it easily in SSP 7.
Check if all data is available in the DataStore, like Actors or values to be entered in selection fields, ...
Make the linked form first, and familiarize yourself with the fields built into that form. You can re-use fields from the form in your Process, but this requires that the Form itself is already built into SSP 7.
It is possible to share a process across multiple forms. Carefully choose the field "Internal Label" in the Field settings and use these labels in the mapping of the Process.
When completed, link the Form to the Process. See Edit Form : Processes


alert_1818When a Process is edited, only new Requests will follow the new Process. Any existing ticket will follow the old Process. When a ticket is sent off to the Workflow, SSP 7 takes a snapshot of the Process and follows that.