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Mobile Component Installation

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The mobile component should be installed as a seperate IIS application. When installed in DMZ it is advised to install it with a HTTPS certificate. This configuration can be done in IIS and your local network administrator will be able to assist with that.

Download the MobileComponent package from the SMTX software site and extract the content of the Mobile Component zip file to the place where you want the component to be installed.


In case you are not installing the mobile component as root application, you should convert it to an application. Make sure that the site bindings are configured properly


In order to configure the database connection for the mobile component, the web.config file in the root folder should be edited. The same sections as for other parts of the SSP application should be checked:


Make sure that the key is always SMTXSSP7, for the value you should pick the schema name of your database. Another setting that should be modified is the database connection:


Examples of connection strings:

Oracle: <add key="Main.ConnectionString" value="data source=TNSNAME;user id=USERNAME;password=PASSWORD;persist security info=false;" />
SQL Server: <add key="Main.ConnectionString" value="data source=SERVER\INSTANCE;initial catalog=CATALOG;User ID=USERID;Password=PASSWORD;persist security info=False;packet size=4096"/>