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Access Control involves the task of creating, mapping, changing and organizing users and role information.  The Person & Accounts section of the Admin Panel provides you with a central place to perform these tasks.

After users and roles have been created, you can grant access to users by assigning them to roles.  Roles contain the security access information to components of SSP 7.  Access to specific components of SSP 7 is performed by granting rights to a Role.  Be aware that configuring additional access to a role will affect all the users that are assigned to that role.  For a more flexible security environment, multiple roles can be created with specific access to groups of categories, topics or views.  A user can be assigned to multiple roles.

SSP 7 supports the automatic assignment of Roles to users, based on information in external systems like LDAP. For that RoleSets are used. RoleSets have a unique name (keyword) and one or multiple Roles linked to them. When the Unique Name of a RoleSet is found in a selected LDAP or SD4.5 field, the roles defined with that RoleSet are automatically granted to the user.

Groups allow to form a set of individual users. These Groups can be used as Actors in a Process Step, and are also used to distribute Granular Ticket Access.

The Person & Accounts  screen is opened by clicking on the links Manage Persons, Edit Roles, Edit RoleSets or Manage Groups in the Person & Accounts section of the Admin Panel.