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Parameter : Fields

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The  Field tab shows a list of all current Fields of this Parameter.


The Current Fields group lists all existing fields for this Parameter. No Fields are defined when setting up a Parameter. You can freely add Fields.

Click on edit to change the Field's details. The settings of each Field appear on the right and can be changed. Click save to save the changes for this entry. Click on delete to remove the Field.

Click on clip0236 to add a new Field to the list.

The different options of the Add New Field group are:

Name : The label of the Field, that is used throughout SSP 7
Type: Set the type of the field. The selected type serves as an input mask for the entries. Any entry that does not comply with the Type will not be accepted by the DataStore. The different options are:
- Text Field ( 1 Row )
- Text Area ( 5 Rows )
- Date
- Yes / No Radiobuttons
- Number (Integer)
- Number (Real)
Required: specify if this field is required to provide a valid entry
Default value: set the default value for this field. This is not a required field
Max Length: set the maximum amount of characters that are accepted. 0 is the default value, and stands for unlimited.
Description : Enter the description for this field. This entry is only for internal use.
Storage Field: SSP allows any Parameter to contain up to 50 Fields. Each Field needs to be assigned to a position between 1 and 50). Take into account that each field should have a unique position. In case the position setting of a field is changes, the data will remain on it's old position and needs to be reloaded. All Fields can hold a maximum of 1000 characters. Only fields 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30 can hold a lot more data.

Use the save button to save any changes.


When 'Filtered Manual Parameter' is selected, this page will only show a list of all fields of the base Parameter. You can set filters on every of those Fields.


Options for this page are:

Label : the name of the Field
Filter : if a Filter is applied to this Field, it will be shown here.
Actions : Click on edit to change the Filter's details. Click on delete to remove the Filter.
clip0238 : Reload the list of Fields of the base Parameter. This is needed to verify if anything was changed to the base Parameter.


To edit a Filter, click on edit. The following screen appears:


On the left, all fields of the base Parameter are shown, with the Filters ( if any) and the needed Actions ( Edit & Delete). To edit a Filter, click on edit.

To set the Field filter, the following options are available:

Filter Operator:  possible selections :

 - No filter : use this setting to remove a filter definition

 - Equals : exact match required for a positive hit

 - Is different : only exact matches are not withheld.

 - Starts with

 - Ends with

 - Contains

 - Not Contains

Filter value : Enter the text that is used to create the Filter, using the selected Operator
Sequence : When multiple filters are inserted, use the Sequence field to sort the order on how they are applied.

Use the save button to save any changes.