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In order to make the Release Manager work properly for elements that refer to external sources (Datastore parameters and webservices), the connection strings to these external sources should be removed from the elements.

Datastore connection string

Within datastore parameters, it is no longer be possible to define connection strings. Connection type settings are removed from Datastore parameter definitions.

Instead, here you need to choose 1 of the existing external data connection strings. These external data connections strings are defined under a new menu item in Adapters:


By default the option “Custom” is selected, that allows the definition of the connection string within the Datastore parameter. Migrated strings will be of type custom.

Connection strings have these settings:

Type of connection

Within a Datastore parameter, the connection looks like this:


Web service connection string

Also web services have connection strings that may differ per environment. As the URL may contain specific information for a webservice, the connection string for webservices only consists out of a URL that can be extended within the webservice call definition:


The SOAP connection strings will be defined in the same place as where database connection strings can be defined.

Option to define custom URL remains available.

Coded form URL

When defining a link to a coded form, the list with connection strings as used for webservices, should also be available here. Same as with webservices, it is possible to define a custom extension to the URL defined in the connection string.


All environments need to have the same languages installed