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Process Steps

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When Editing a Process, the key page is the "Edit Steps" tab. This is where you will graphically build your process and edit it. It offers a clear overview of the workflow.

Below is a typical example of such a screen :


Possible Actions on this screen:

Click on addstepto add a new Step
copystep : Copy Step : this button allows to duplicate the step. It is always placed right after the copied Step. The name of the step will have ' - copy' at the end.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Step
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Step.
Click on clip0369 to change the position of a Step in the Process, in the current level (so within the Root, or a decision path).
Click on 'Click to edit parent' to move this step to another path or the root.


Admin log of process.

clip0370: This gives an overview of major changes done to this process, with a timestamp, person who performed the change and a short description. Not all actions are logged.


- Click on SEARCH to filter the list of changes below

- Click on REFRESH to refresh the list of changes.