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SAP Adapter

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The SAP Adapter provides connectivity with SAP PI in order to create and update objects in any of the SAP modules and to retrieve data directly from SAP. The SSP7 workflow engine is managing the workflow that should be executed when a request is registered in SSP7. In a step-by-step process, SSP7 will gather approvals from users and communicate to external systems. The SAP Adapter provides capabilities to be used within the workflow engine. What the exact action is, depends on which SAP web service is called and what data is passed through to the SAP Adapter.

In case a notification should be created in SAP, the Web Service should support the Create entity command and be able to process data passed from SSP7 to fill all fields of the notification.

The SAP Adapter contains specific information about the wsdl it needs to communicate with. For that reason, the SAP adapter is delivered with a customer specific DLL. This DLL needs to be recompiled in case the webservice structure changes.