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Login Settings

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Authentication: See this chapter for more information
Autocreate SSP account?: See this chapter for more information
Use person unique id for account login: Use the person unique id instead of the account login name to login to the system
Show 'Stay logged in' checkbox on login:
Supervisor impersonate account: The account to use when logging in with the admin2 account. See here for more information.
Login page image location: Set here a URL to a login image to overwrite the image set in the CSS.
Do not redirect to 'My Profile' on first login: New users are redirected to the My Profile page at first login. With this option that is no longer the case.
After login redirect to: Users will be redirected to this URL after they succesfully logged onto the system
After login redirect to (mobile): Mobile sers will be redirected to this URL after they succesfully logged onto the system
Enable registration: When enabled, new users can register themselves in the system. Please note that only persons with a known person record can register themselves.
Registration Mail Validity Period: The period, the link sent in the registration email remains valid.
Registration Password Regular Expression: Password requirements for users.
Registration New Account Login: Set the field in which the login of the new user should be stored
Automatic logout after: This is a time-out after which user sessions get terminated.
On manual logout, logout all sessions of the user: When enabled, users will have no open sessions on any browser or computer after logging off a single session.
Disable session keep alive: SSP keeps sessions alive for user convenience. With this option that behaviour can be changed and users need to login again after the session has timed out.
Close browser on logout: The browser tab is closed (when allowed) after logoff button was pressed.