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Webservice Call

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It is possible to update a parameter in SSP from a process. The process takes the information from a form and the Webservice Call updates the selected parameter(s) and its fields.

There are 3 options available - add, update or delete. Therefore, the parameters in SSP are dynamic, can be modified without administrative rights and can facilitate workflows.

Examples of when the Webservice Call can be used:

List maintenance:

There is a list of approvers and the list needs to be updated usually one or two entries at a time.

Add or remove items from any parameter.

Create custom lists of job description with worker health and safety items, attach them to an employee and retain this information for future comparisons. Update any part at any time.

Budget calculations:

A department's training budget is distributed among several managers. A parameter stores the total budget, the allocated amount per manager. When an employee requests a training, the approvers and coordinators can see how much the (remaining) total budget is, how much the training costs and once the request is approved and the training completed, the numbers are updated in the parameter.

A company's real estate management with lease agreements and dates is managed via SSP. Costs, deadlines and other information can be updated via a form and stored in a parameter.